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nornir is a first-class automation framework, so if you are reading this page, you’re probably here to learn more. One of the aspects of which sets nornir apart is filtering.

A new how-to guide has been published to the official documentation, walking through a series of use-cases and examples on how to leverage the power and flexibility of nornir filtering.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Introduction into custom inventory data
  • How to store, access, view and troubleshoot custom data
  • Basic/intermediate filtering using the filter method
  • Advanced filtering using the F object
  • Advanced filtering using filter functions

A sample inventory is weaved throughout the how-to guide, so that the concepts being portrayed are contextually revelant to a real world use case. Below is the link to the how-to guide:

nornir official documentation - filtering deep dive

Further resources

If you’d like to learn more, below are some links to various resources which also touch on nornir filtering:

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